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While there is no such thing as overnight success in life – Overnight Skin Success might actually be different.
During the night our bodies regenerate and start important processes which can benefit your skin and wellbeing tremendously if you understand your skin and make your skincare work to your advantage. For that, we’ll dive deeper into the Circadian Rhythm and what hacks you can do before going to bed to wake up dewy, fresh and glowing.

The Circadian Rhythm – Not a dance but Your source of Rejuvenation

The Circadian Rhythm includes physical, mental, and hormonal changes that happen daily within a 24-hour cycle. Daylight and Nighttime have a big impact on how these changes influence your body functions.

Today, with more proof that a regular rhythm is the best way to maintain healthy cells, it is worth figuring out how to keep it up to the level for beautiful healthy skin.

Since optimal repair processes require optimal rest, there’s a direct connection between sleep loss and accelerated skin ageing. That is why it is super important to help regulate your melatonin levels, a hormone which typically peaks at night to help you fall asleep, by reducing light during the evening. It helps you get tired and make you fall asleep easier – tossing that phone away at a certain point during the evening will help you tremendously to fall asleep and sleep through till dawn.
Melatonin has even more benefits such as regulating hair growth, reduction of skin damage based on UV rays, wound healing and much more. 

Your Beauty Sleep works best with replenishing & repairing Skincare

Since your skin goes through it literally daily, it’s time to pamper it at night.
That’s why night cremes and other nightcare-related products are usually richer in formulation as this is the moment to restore moisture loss and repair your skin from UV radiation and general impact from the elements.
How you can do it can be fairly simple and adapted to the serums, lotions and potions your skin prefers the most:

• Double Cleanse – Oil-based cleanser followed by a moisturising cleanser
This will take off all the gunk, make-up, access sebum, SPF or other occlusive layers that have
collected throughout the day in your pores.
• Leave your skin damp
Overly drying your face off will take away the moisture that we actually want to keep on there to
hydrate your skin to the maximal capacity.
• Hyaluronic Acid
Humectants are important to attract and bind moisture to your skin. Any moisturiser you are putting
on top will work better due to the thirsty Hyaluronic Acid, Alginate or any other humectant that
you have applied previously. However, be careful as it can push the potency of your serums.
Any Active Ingredients that have exfoliating properties are especially great to use at night.
Some of the actives that work best during the nighttime are your
AHAs & BHAs, Retinoids & Niacinamide
• Moisturiser
A great moisturiser doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to provide your skin with sufficient
moisture. If it includes ceramides the little helpers that help support your skin barrier even better
as your nighttime routine should be all about restoration.
Occlusive layer
Facial oil will help lock in all the juicy skincare you just applied and avoid transepidermal water loss.
• Facial Exercises & Massages
Having the facial oil applied previously, it will give you the best slip to properly follow up on your
daily dose of facial exercises and massages. It will help the blood flow and lymphatic drainage of
your skin and therefore even enhance the potency and absorption of your skincare to work even
• Slugging
If you want to push your skincare further you can apply vaseline or other thicker formulated products
to seal everything in further like an overnight mask.
If you look like a glazed doughnut once you are done, you are doing it right!

Time matters

Some suggest that the best time for your skincare application is just right before bedtime. But you are risking at the same time that all of the delicious skincare you just applied ends up on your pillowcase rather than staying on your face. Give it around 10-20 minutes to be properly absorbed into the skin.

This way, you can be sure that your little nighttime routine is working to its full potential and provide your skin with all the replenishment and support that it needs at night.

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