Posture Post Covid 

After sitting through sheer endless lockdowns on your butt, your posture is probably lacking some lustre, let’s fix it together.
Sitting or standing up straight, especially now while you are scrolling through your phone, slouched and comfy on the couch, in your car or on public transportation is probably the new normal.

The lack of activity can also be one of the reasons why you still don’t feel like you are on your A-Game.
So check out some hacks to regain your ballerina strength in your shoulders, back and neck and understand why your posture determines how your face looks and ages.
Because gravity ain’t nobody’s friend if you have the posture of a molten bag of chocolate.

What improving your Posture can do

  • You will be able to suck up to 30% more oxygen, with an upright posture, yes 30% more!
  • Jowls can be improved and be part of history once you sit up straight. If you tend to develop those fairly easy, a great Facial Exercise can already start with your posture to strengthen your neck and jawline.
  • Facial symmetry can improve once you pay attention to how you run through your busy life. Since constant pulling on one side of your back while sitting crossed-legged or carrying bags only on one shoulder can create imbalances that can translate into your face.
  • It’s a perfect back pain relief. Improving your posture will take pressure off your spine and nerves. This will allow you to engage your muscles for what they are intended for:
    Hold you upright without feeling tired of sitting or walking straight.
  • You will also find that you are less likely to suffer from headaches. Especially when your head is slightly tilted forward. A good indicator is to place a fist under your chin. If the bottom of your fist touches your collarbone, you best believe to put your head up high.
  • Your digestive system will benefit as well from a better posture as the organs will align better and locate where they are supposed to be. This can lead to less acid reflux or even improve constipation.
  • Improved concentration will be one of the biggest benefits when it comes to better posture, as your body will be better aligned within itself. Let’s call it better ‘calibrated’. You will benefit from better blood circulation, improved oxygen distribution and as a result better brain function.

So how do you fix it?

Check out this posture workout routine that doesn’t require gym wear. It can be done during your lunch break or simply a nice little pause. A great pause during your day to get your face away from the screen.

If nothing helps get the tension out of the body and your posture up, it is probably time to visit a chiropractor to help you readjust your body. As they are able to release blocked nerves or joins that could not allow you to improve your posture.

If you would like to learn even more about it, watch the in-depth explanation right here. We answered some of the most frequently asked questions. The video will also help you further to understand how much more is actually connected to your posture.

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