Push your Morning Skincare Routine with Facial Exercises & Massages


Unlike your Night time Routine, your Morning Skincare Routine will wake you up with Facial Exercises & Massages to push it to the max.
While you want to pamper your skin at night after a hectic day and get some relaxation in, your Morning Skincare Routine needs to be your armour and protect your skin from all the pollution and other nasties such as UV rays.

It is equally important as your nighttime routine because the reasoning behind it is completely different and here’s why.

Morning Skincare Routine

In the morning you want to prep and prime your skin with the help of Facial Exercises & Massages. It will help you to wake up and feel fresher right away. It will also help your protecting skincare to be better absorbed and makes it, therefore, work best. Since you might be gone for work, school or other activities outside of your home, you want to work with antioxidants that have a lasting effect on your skin protecting it from all the nasties that can collect on your skin throughout the day.

A little checklist can help you determine when the right steps in your Morning Skincare Routine should take place and why.

  • If you didn’t slug overnight, don’t have very oily skin or suffer from severe acne, it isn’t mandatory to wash your face with a cleanser.
    Actually quite the opposite: You don’t want to over strip your skin from its precious oils. Your sebum is your natural moisturiser, keep it!
    Just splash it with cold water to wake yourself up. Get the blood circulation going with the fresh water and leave your skin damp, don’t completely towel dry.
  • If you are into serums, now is your time to shine.
    Hyaluronic Acid will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day as it pulls the moisture from your skincare in.
    Vitamin C works hydrating on the skin as well, decreases transepidermal water loss & protects against sun damage – YAY
  • Use your favourite moisturiser to start with Facial Exercises.
    You don’t necessarily need as much slip as you would with a Facial Massage. So now is a great starting point, to begin with, your daily dose of All You Can Face.
    The promoted blood circulation will make you more awake due to the delivery of more oxygen in your face. It helps your skin to absorb the skincare better as well.
  • Promote lymphatic drainage with the help of Facial Massages to remove access lymph fluid that can collect overnight. Apply a facial oil, 2-3 drops, on your face and get your hands on to glide across your face. This will further lock in the moisture of your skincare.
  • Let everything properly sink in before you apply the last step of the routine and probably the most important one
    Sunscreen will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It’s the best protection against premature wrinkles but also sunburns and skin cancer. Never leave the house without it…EVER!

Chose your order wisely

If you like to start your day with Facial Exercises & Massages then you can absolutely do it. You just have to tweak your Morning Skincare Routine accordingly.
If you like to use a facial oil for the massages, you would need to wash it off after you are done. Only then you can go in with your regular skincare routine.
Facial oil can act like an occlusive layer which won’t allow your skincare to penetrate your skin properly.
If you do your Facial Exercises and Massages while in the shower, then you can do this too. Just note that it might be best to use a cleanser, in this case, to give you sufficient glide for the massages.

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    1. Thanks for your question 😊
      The facial exercises and massages are built in a way that you can do this at any given time throughout your day. However we have some additional Bonus videos available for everyone of the regular memberships to give you an extra boost in the morning to get your day kickstarted!