Scalp Health

We often forget how important our Scalp Health is, even though it’s the extension of your face. A simple treatment can often change the world.

You have around 100.000 -150.000 hair follicles on the top of your head. 
Every day you lose around 50-150 hairs. This is absolutely normal because new hair is constantly growing.

Each of these hair follicles that let your hair grow also produces sebum just like the pores on your face. The skin on your scalp is usually thicker than usual, due to the high amount of blood vessels and follicles on your head to nourish your brain and also protect it from impact.

Every follicle has its own microbiome as well as the scalp.
If the balance is off, dandruff, eczema and pimples can be the result and require treatment.

Sulfates, alcohol and fragrance in your hair and skincare products can irritate the skin of your scalp and dry it out and the result will be thinning, dry, frizzy and dull hair.

Try to wash your hair once a week with shampoo, less is legit more, rinse it the other days just with clear water. This will have a tremendous impact on not only your scalp but also your body.
Use products only in your private area and armpits to avoid drying the skin out, especially when you lean towards dryer or more sensitive skin.


If you do wash your hair with shampoo, don’t scrub but gently massage your entire head. Avoid to pull the shampoo through the lengths and ends of your hair. Try to keep it near the scalp only, as shampoo dries out hair.


The conditioner works in the complete opposite way – keep it in lengths and especially ends.
This will help to keep the length moisturised and the scalp stays longer without being greasy at the roots.


Probiotics and antioxidants in your diet will support your gut health.
Your skin also benefits from it as it also protects you from oxidative stress. This oxidative stress can result in inflammation such as eczema, pimples etc.

Head Massages

A head massage while in the shower, at your desk in the office or while you are stuck in traffic is super easy to implement. The blood circulation will catalyze and it will release muscle tension as your scalp connects directly to your face and neck.
This will work on either wet or dry hair, so when in a hurry, a great quick relaxation without special preparation.

The results are great

Your hair quality will be richer due to a healthy scalp. This will show in no dandruff or skin sensitivity.
You can also benefit from hair regrowth as follicles will get stimulated due to the scalp massages. The promoted blood circulation makes it easier to nourish the hair follicles from the inside out.

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