The Benefit of Acupressure

Acupressure can have a huge impact on your overall Health & Beauty as it is part of the bigger picture: YOU.
Acupressure is part of very ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and can be triggered by simply stimulating these said points. It is based on energy flow that goes through the meridians in your body and once stimulated can support this energy flow (so-called ‘Chi‘) if there is a blockage. That being said it can help release a simple sinus infection, improve acne or ease period pain with the help of pressure points that are located across your entire body. These points are especially dense in your hands, ears and feet.

The Difference between Acupressure vs. Acupuncture

Unlike Acupuncture, Acupressure simply involves putting pressure on the same spots where usually a trained physician would insert acupuncture needles. You can do this massage with an acupressure pen, a regular pen, the back of a make-up brush or your fingers. You would then either massage the point or just put slight pressure on it.


Acupressure can improve Your Skin

There are already several studies that challenge and question the effectiveness of this treatment. The studies vary of course in research parameters but most of them resulted in using acupressure as an additional tool that can support healing, releasing tension and therefore leave your skin with a brighter more radiant complexion and your body more relaxed.
It can increase your blood flow and lymphatic drainage at the same time. This will engage oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin and also catalyse the detoxification process of your skin.
In other words: Out with the bad and in with the good for healthier-looking, radiant skin.

How to do it

A great guide to doing it on your own face is to use your index or pointer fingers if you don’t have an Acupressure pen at hand and apply mild pressure and wiggle on the spot for 30 to 60 seconds on each point. You can easily repeat this massage a couple of times per week.

The 3rd Eye


• located between your eyebrows at the point where the bridge of your nose
meets the centre of your forehead
• stimulates the main endocrine gland (produces hormones) to enhance
the overall appearance of your skin

The 4 Whites

allyoucanface_acupressurepoint_4 whites

• near the top of your cheekbone, around a finger in width below the eyesocket, in center of your iris
• massaging this area is said to improve blemishes

The Windscreen

allyoucanface_acupressurepoint_the windscreen

• to be found at the indent directly behind the bottom of your ear
• is said to help balance your thyroid gland, which works like magic for lymphatic drainage
to depuff and increase your skin glow

If you would like to dive deeper into the realm poking treatment and want to push it further with acupuncture then you should consult with your doctor. Especially when having an underlying medical condition and introducing new treatments this should be your first consultation anyways before starting a new journey. Your doctor may provide information or refer you even a certified acupuncture specialist, who can provide therapy and instruction for the best treatment.

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