The origin of the Gua Sha

The origin of the Gua Sha

The GuaSha has been part of the Chinese aesthetical and traditional medicine culture for a very long time now. 

First medical records date back to the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644.
It is assumed that the first Gua Sha-like practices have already been executed to treat illnesses in the Paleolithic Age

With the use of stones, twigs and other handy materials, either gentle massages or scraping techniques have been used to detoxify the body and support the healing process which is exactly where the Gua Sha’s got its name from:

‘Scraping sha-bruises’ or ‘Scrape away illness'(Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā)

What it does
⭐️️ Improves lymphatic drainage 
⭐️️️ Breaks down tension in muscles and knots in the face, neck and body
⭐️️️ Increases blood circulation
⭐️️️ Reduces fine lines
⭐️️️ Depuffs your face instantly
⭐️️️ Improves tension-based headaches

What you need to do is the following

  • Apply a generous amount of facial oil to your face for the best slip which will help you to avoid tugging on your skin – no, olive oil from the kitchen is not ok
  • Make sure the oil is designed for the use on your face to avoid potential breakouts 
  • Hold the Gua Sha flat towards the face around 20-30 degrees – remember we want to glide, not scrape 
  • Glide down in one direction, away from the head and down towards your collar bone
  • Each stroke should be applied about 20 to 30 times before heading to the next area – spend a little more time where you would like to release tension bit by bit
  • Leave facial oil on to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day

Gua Shas, like Jade Rollers, come in all shapes, materials and forms, you chose the one you like best as it is more about the correct technique rather than finding the exact same one you found on the internet.

Even though the Gua Sha gained so much popularity in the past years, it is always best to be professionally advised by your treating doctor if you have an underlying medical condition that could be impacted by the use of a Gua Sha or any facial tool for that matter.

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