Why Your Hands are your Best Facial Tools


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One of your most important senses is your touch and that is one of the reasons why Your Hands are Your best Facial Tools.
Why we are always on the hunt for the next gadget to make our skincare work better or get a feel for a little bit of luxury because we invest in this new facial tool, we tend to neglect our very own Facial Tool – Our Hands.

Your fingertips are probably touching the screen on your mobile device right now while reading this and yes, even now your brain works to connect the dots of the visual sensation, next to the physical touch to make sense in your head.

Pat McGrath (or as many industry lovers call her ‘Mother’), one of the greatest make-up artists of our time, introduced your beloved highlighter ages ago already on the world’s runways and still says that her very own hands are the trick to each of her signature looks.

So why is the touch of Your own Hands so important?

Your most sensitive receptors to sense touch are based on your face, lips, tongue, and fingers. These receptors are the only ones in your body that allow you to sense something very delicate. Such as a hair on your cheek, a little crumb on your lips or simply the texture of your skin after a night out with your BFFs when it’s a bit on the rougher side. This doesn’t only help to protect you (feeling that lash in your eye?) but also gets you in tune with yourself and creates self-awareness. Consciously and subconsciously, sensory touch never leaves you at any part of your body.


You are made to be touched without Facial Tools

It’s super important even in the development of a child to experience touch. A simple touch signals safety and calms you down. Another great reason to book that massage appointment you’ve been dreaming of for the past weeks. Touching your skin can trigger the release of oxytocin – The Love Hormone. So let’s ditch your Facial Tools or makeup brushes for a change and get your hands on, literally.

Facial Massages for the Win

Facial massages can support healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles with your own hands. You have the double sensation of touching your own skin and registering at the same time being touched. That’s why a simple daily sequence of the program can add so much to your day and yourself. You are able to ‘feel’ the tension in your facial muscles way easier below your skin with a simple Facial Massage. Your fingertips will also allow you to be more gentle, especially around the delicate eye area that you always want to treat with the utmost caution since it counts to the thinnest skins on your body. You won’t only benefit from improving your facial symmetry due to balancing out overworked muscles but also feel immediately relaxed when coming home from a long stressful day as we are more and more on the run and constantly late.

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