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Double Cleansing is fundamental for squeaky clean skin as this allows your pores to absorb your skincare in the best way possible.
Long are the times over where simple soap and a splash of water did the job thanks to better education on your skin and its care. Yet, a lot of you still get confused about how to double cleanse the right way and what it actually does to your skin as it removes even more gunk collecting throughout the day or night, especially after the 3rd happy hour with your besties.
So let’s cleanse away.

What is Double Cleansing?

Double Cleansing is a method that originated in Asia, (we stan K-Beauty) and literally means to cleanse your face twice.
First, with an oil-based cleanser followed up with a hydrating cleanser. This method can help to remove all the dirt and pollution that has collected throughout the day on your skin which could lead to breakouts or clogged pores. The oil-based cleanser will remove your sunscreen, makeup or access sebum ( your natural facial oil). It works best this way as it breaks down all these products with gentle ease since you want to avoid rubbing your face at any cost.
The hydrating cleanser will rebalance your skin with moisture and can of course have actives such as salicylic acid,AHAs, BHAs or just hydrating properties, depending on your skin type and concern.

Why you should Double Cleanse

Even though it is connected with an extra step in your routine, it won’t take drastically more time.
You can break down the day that has been left on your skin way easier and follow up with the hydrating cleanser to start your Facial Exercises & Massages – We love to hit two birds with one stone.
Double Cleansing also helps remove dead skin cells easier to leave your skin with a dewy plump finish, ready to take on your serums, facial masks and other juicy treats. Since your pores will be properly clean, your skin will absorb the skincare or treatments way better.

Too much of a good thing can be bad

If you aren’t slugging the night before, then Double Cleansing at night is more than enough. You want to avoid over-stripping your skin from its good oils – the sebum which keeps your skin hydrated. You can understand it more as a deep cleanse in the evening rather than a regular cleanse. This avoids that you are altering the natural balance of the microbium on your skin. This is especially crucial if you have drier or more sensitive skin. Avoiding alcohol or soap in your cleansing products can be beneficial to keep your skin barrier intact.

How to

The steps are the following across the board for all skin types

  • Apply oil-based cleanser or balm to dry skin
  • Massage the product with gentle motions to dissolve and break down make-up, sunscreen or access sebum
  • Rinse thoroughly with water
  • Apply water-based cleanser and massage into skin and you can even start with facial exercises or massages at this point
  • Rinse again with water
  • Leave skin damp to continue with the rest of your skincare

Step 1


Step 2

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