Orthodontics, Mewing & Facial Aesthetics

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When you think about the dentist you will most likely think of teeth alignment and braces but less about Facial Aesthetics or Mewing. But in fact, dentistry is just a subsection of medicine that involves much more than just giving you beautiful teeth. Dentistry in its entire field impacts also your Facial Symmetry and how you communicate. While your health will always be the focus when seeking medical treatment, a great smile with a beautiful jaw and teeth alignment can affect your mental health, confidence and self-esteem.

Correct alignment can improve more than just your teeth and give

  • harmonious facial contour
  • correct jaw and teeth alignment
  • foundation for the right chewing and speaking patterns
  • facial and dental aesthetics

Definition of Facial Aesthetics

There is no single component that solely impacts Facial Aesthetics which makes you appear attractive. That’s why we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to Facial Exercises and Massages as even one concern on your face is connected to several muscle groups that can impact your overall look.

Facial Aesthetics can be analyzed based on the proportions of your face and can be divided in 3 sections:

allyoucanface_orthodontics_Facial aesthetics_Facial symmetry_Dentistry_skincare_Faces shape_Facial symmetry_facial thirds
  • upper third: hairline to eyebrows
  • middle third: eyebrows to upper lip
  • lower third: upper lip to the soft part of your chin

With Facial Exercises and Massages, you can bridge and connect all 3 segments of your face for improved harmony. The better the balance, the more attractive, healthy and radiant you tend to appear in today’s society. You will relax overworked chewing muscles that you tend to overdevelop as you grow older. It also helps relax the mouth area as we can hold a lot of tension in these areas as well as the brow area from constant focus and subconscious frowning. Exercises on the other hand can lift for example brows or cheeks for a more awake and open face.

So what is Mewing?

Mewing is the keyword right here as it is said, opposed to orthodontics, to improve the correct teeth and jaw alignment over time for better Facial Harmony without the invasive use of braces or other procedures. The British orthodontist John Mew and his son Michael Mew made it popular as orthotropics.

Depending on where you place your tongue in a rested position, it can help to improve your airway for better breathing, give you a sharper jawline and make you look more confident as you won’t be able to slouch when executing these practices. This will include the improvement of the lower and middle third of your face. It basically focuses on correct jaw posture with the help of retraining the position of your tongue. You simply flatten your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth while keeping your mouth closed and your lips slightly touching. Over time this is supposed to help align your jaw, tongue and teeth in a better position.

Of course, this practice isn’t for everyone and caution must be taken. That’s why it is always super important to consult with your treating doctor especially when you have an underlying medical condition before you start a new practice.

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