Dark under-eye circles

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The struggle of dark under-eye circles can sometimes be really frustrating as there are different kinds which require different treatment.
Improving the under-eye area is and will always be in popular demand. From our social media followers to our Face Yoga experts, everyone is seeking to improve especially their eye area.
With our schedules getting busier by each day and sleep being a word you only associate with a dictionary, any advice or help to look at least fresh and rested is expensive and difficult to get. an area I These concerns aren’t solely about darkness under or around the eyes but also include puffiness, wrinkles or hollowness.

These concerns have all different causes.

In order to improve these, we need to understand the root of the appearance that bothers us to potentially even prevent these from happening in the first place.

  1. We’ll take a look into the different concerns and their causes
  2. Understand why you have dark under-eye circles, puffiness or hollowness under your eyes. This will help you to know what is possible to treat as not everything can be improved.
  3. Learn some techniques and also hints which you can incorporate right away at home which can be found in our Youtube video

The Skin around your eyes

  • it is one of the most delicate areas on the face and becomes thinner with time
  • we lose collagen due to oxidation and sun damage and even moisture retention gets more difficult as we age
  • muscles around the eyes (oftentimes the under-eye area) start to weaken
  • fat depots can drift down which makes the area hollow and saggy
  • that area is also very prone to store excess fluid which makes your eyes look tired and puffy, especially in the morning

We all look different and therefore also deal with a different bone structure which makes some of us more prone to hollowness, others more prone to wrinkles or puffiness around the eyes and the good news is:
You can do something about it!
As long as you understand what exactly your concern about dark under-eye circles exactly is and how to take care of them daily, you will regain and maintain a fresher more awake look & healthy skin for the longest time.


  • the circular muscle around the eye is quite complex and very important for the look of our face
  • it consists of 3 parts which together build the protective layer around your eyes
    1. the orbital, palpebral and deep palpebral part
    2. these parts allow you to blink and even shed a tear, cool right?!
  • it is one of the most active muscles in our face and this is why we experience already wrinkles at a younger age because we are using our eyes for orientation and communication more than any other sense
  • excess tension in those areas can cause wrinkles such as crows feet or wrinkles on the eyelids and under-eye areas

The differences between dark under-eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles & hollowness

Dark under-eye circles

They can literally come in all sorts of shapes and forms and can be categorized as follows:

  • blue or purplish under-eye areas are usually present when you are lacking sleep or are just tired
    – lack of oxygen in your blood and insufficient blood circulation makes this more visible
    – when getting older this will show more even though you are well-rested because your skin is thinning as we age
  • redness around the eyes usually displays broken blood vessels from excentric rubbing
    – taking make-up off for years and using a lot of force to do so
    – allergies won’t make you stop rubbing your eyes
  • brownish dark circles appear not necessarily just under your eye but can also show around your entire eye
    – usually based on hyperpigmentation
    – you can be born with it or it’s based on UV damage throughout the years


  • brown/at times black under-eyes can be based on hollowness under your eye
    – most of the time a deep shadow creates the darkness
    – the eye appears to sit deeper but it’s actually insufficient muscle strength that creates a hollow appearance which then casts a shadow
    – ring muscle can be weak which is why it looks like it drops right below the eye


  • usually based on fluid retention
  • can be caused by rubbing your eyes too much and compromising your skin which will over time lose its elasticity and therefore easier to fill up with excess fluid
  • eating salty foods
  • dehydration is caused by overconsumption of either alcohol or coffee

Not dark under-eye circles but wrinkles

  • excessive facial expression throughout the years
  • an unknown eye-sight deficiency that would require an optician for medical support in the form of glasses or reading glasses at a certain age as you try to focus permanently on what you see
  • sun damage can trigger further wrinkle development, not solely based on UVA and UVB rays but also working outdoors a lot and squinting your eyes strongly for longer periods throughout your day because it’s simply too bright
  • dehydration as the skin’s elasticity is struggling to hold up and try to retain moisture
  • lack of sleep can disturb the regenerative process of your skin
  • very large eyes or protruding eyes can create wrinkles just because of their size and placement in our faces which would require extra strength to support the muscles around the eye

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  1. Great article!
    What can we do to help with hollowness? Also should we be using a different SPF for our under eye area then for our face? For instance, an SPF advertised as an under eye SPF?

    1. Thanks so much for your question and appreciation. For the hollowness, facial exercises would be required to strengthen the ring muscle over time. This won’t necessarily be achieved with facial massages as they will result in the contrary – relaxing the muscles further.

  2. Thank you Anastasia, everything you speak about is very interesting and your tips are always precious. In your video I haven’t found anything about hollowness around the eyes. I apologize for my bad English. Thank you very much, Anastasia!

    1. Thank you very much dear 😊. Hollowness under your eyes can be improved with facial exercises you want to support the ring muscle over time. Facial massages won’t really do much in this case as they will relax the muscles further rather than strengthen them and those exercises are to be found in the online program.