Facial Asymmetry – Perfection doesn’t exist

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Facial Asymmetry is one of the biggest concerns of our members which you can actually improve with Facial Exercises & Massages. 
Whether you’re looking to even out the corners of your mouth, lift one brow higher than the other or improve the symmetry of your cheeks, Facial Exercises and Massages can have a powerful impact to improve an Asymmetrical Face and create a more symmetrical appearance without a needle or knife. 

Nobody’s perfect

In many cases, the origin of Facial Asymmetry is not plausible and you might just be born with it.
Your bone structure plays obviously a vital part when it comes to the symmetry of your face and body. Further, the way your muscles and fat tissues attach on top of your bones determines the way you look and how symmetrical your face and body are.
These asymmetries are common in everyone and appear gradually throughout your facial development.


Daily habits play a vital role in nurturing these asymmetries even further without you necessarily knowing about it. Constant pressure on one side of your face while you sleep, carrying bags throughout the years only on one shoulder, sitting cross-legged, only chewing on one side or raising one eyebrow constantly – All this contributes to Facial Asymmetries.

Facial Symmetry = Attractiveness ?

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or other boxes we like to put ourselves in, Facial Symmetry is across the globe associated with attractiveness. As psychological studies have shown we are attracted to a more symmetrical face as it represents physical health and good genes. Take this with a grain of salt as we still have to question that not every face, no matter how beautiful it may be is a guarantee for a healthy person. This is more or less based on our natural instincts and we try to connect the visual representation of what could lie beneath that beautiful facade.

Test Your own Facial Symmetry

Facial Asymmetry is completely normal, so no need to get down on yourself, you might be born this way 💖
While some might be pretty sure that they have an asymmetrical face here are some guidelines to check your own Facial Symmetry if you are intrigued to know.

Take a selfie to analyze

  • if your eyebrows have the same height
  • your eye size equals one another
  • if the corners of your mouth have the same height
  • the cheek volume on each side of your face
  • wrinkles on both sides of your face, perhaps one side is more prominent

Improve Facial Asymmetry from the tip of your toes

Like a great sports person that trains both sides of their body equally well you want to do the same. Your posture can give a little glimpse of how you can impact your symmetry. Standing tall and straight is a great indicator. One side of your shoulders might be more droopy due to carrying bags constantly in this area, time to change that right away.
An imbalance of your hip can also indicate that you love to sit cross-legged which can alter your spinal position. Therefore it can put a strain on your back muscles which of course leads to your neck and result in facial asymmetry and even neck/back pain. This is due to one side of your back being more tensed than the other to compensate for the imbalance.

Facial Exercises & Massages can help you to improve your Facial Symmetry even further. Of course it took sometimes years to create those imbalances based on your daily habits, but you can have a positive impact over time to improve this. Making use of our program twice daily is best for greater results. These of course differ for everyone in extent and time but it’s never too late to give it a try and see how far you can push your own beauty.

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