Lymphatic Drainage and Face Yoga

Lymphatic Drainage can help you achieve radiant and clear skin and I explain to you what it actually is and why it is so important.

The lymphatic system was first described in the 17th century by Olaus Rudbeck and Thomas Bartholin.
A fit body generally becomes healthy and energized – the Lymphatic System is doing this for you, not only for your body but also for your face.
It keeps all the juices literally flowing and if you stop to move, it will too.
So let’s see what you can do to keep your Lymphatic System on point for overall health and radiant skin.

Lymph and the Lymphatic System

As you go through the everyday motions of life, your body tends to build up toxins and all sorts of unwanted waste.

So, how come you don’t fall sick too often?
That credit goes to your body’s Lymphatic System. 

It eliminates these toxins by transporting lymph fluid throughout your body via a network of organs and tissues. Lymph is a clear, yellowish fluid that is responsible for making your body immune to infections and diseases. Lymph gets squeezed out of your blood and collects between the cells of the tissues of your body.
It contains water, some proteins, bodily wastes and toxins, as well as lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell – your immune system on the go and this process is called Lymphatic Drainage.

The lymph is constantly in motion all around your body. It drains into lymph vessels which take it through lymph nodes on its way to being redistributed in your blood. 

Lymph Nodes

The Lymph Nodes are tiny sacks that contain a high concentration of those all-important, germ-fighting lymphocytes. You have around 600 lymph nodes located all over your body – around 300 of them are found in your neck alone! 

lymphatic system, lymphatic drainge
Lymphatic System

If you have an infection, your lymph nodes in the region of the infection will swell – an indication that they are producing more lymphocytes. Some lymph nodes are located deep inside your face while others are quite superficial and you can actually feel them under your skin. 

This is one of the reasons why your doctor might press along the sides of your neck, your jawline, and behind your ears, as well as your temples and just above your clavicle (collarbone) when doing an exam.

Lymphatic Drainage

Movement and massages activate lymph flow. This reduces the puffiness that comes with lymphedema by moving lymph away from areas of the face or body where it has pooled up. It also plumps up skin by getting lymph to move into sections of your face that may be sagging or tired-looking. 

The result is firmer, healthier-looking skin with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When performed as a Facial Massage, other benefits of lymphatic drainage include

  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced double chin
  • Diminished acne breakouts and blackheads
  • Reduced swelling, especially in the eye area
  • Lessening of hyperpigmentation of the skin

Through lymphatic drainage, your body’s immune system can get stronger. If you have ever felt sluggish, tired, achy, or you’re prone to touches of flu and colds, it could be because your lymphatic system isn’t as strong as it should be. A poorly functioning lymphatic system can even lead to more serious conditions like lymphedema and cancer.

Support your Lymphatic System

Unlike the blood which flows through our body by the pump of our heart, lymph fluid is not moving unless we are moving.
Generally, for the face and body, that means to get active! Lymph fluid moves through our body and face if we contract the muscles. 

Activate your body

Every single day after waking up do 100 steep jumps or jumping jacks. If you are not a fan of jumping then you can also just stand straight and go on your tippy-toes and abruptly go down 100 times.
Deep breathing, drinking plenty of water or simply taking a long walk can help to activate Lymphatic Drainage as well – Just keep moving!

Activate your face
If you have bad posture then nothing can be drained naturally and you’ll end up puffy, with bad skin, a double chin or a dull complexion. This is where your new friends come into play:
Facial Exercises and Massages or in short – Face Yoga

By massaging your face correctly with a facial oil for example you can move all unwanted fluid out of your face and improve your complexion and skin.
One amazing way to do that is to activate your vital lymph nodes behind your jaw, under your ear.

Facial exercises help contract the muscles and you are equally strengthening them and enhancing blood circulation & Lymphatic Drainage at the same time – YAY
If you want to get an idea of what facial massages can look like then have a look at some of my videos here where I’ve shown an entire routine which you can do at home to enhance lymphatic drainage even more.

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