Skin Cycle – Understanding it can help You Glow

Understanding your skin cycle can have a great impact on how you will take care of your skin which is why we have some useful tips for you.
As instant quick fixes are always overpromising but never really delivering, it can get quite costly and frustrating trying everything in the Beautyverse. But once you get the hang of your own skin and start to listen for realistic goals that are not only achievable but also allow you to maintain your skin goals.

So what exactly is a Skin Cycle?

Your Skin Cycle is the process where new skin cells form in the deepest layer of your skin, the Hypodermis.

Approximately 19 million skin cells are in every single inch of your body and you lose (shed) around 200 million every hour. Quite the elbow grease your skin puts in to keep you protected 24/7.
New skin cells move up and push older skin cells to the top of the skin where they eventually wash or flake off. This Skin Cycle, also called Skin Cell Turnover can vary for everyone. Factors such as age, skin/health condition, stress or hormones can also have an impact on your skin cell turnover.

The rate of your Skin Cell Turnover slows down as you age
• 28 days between age 20-30
• 45-60 days between age 40-50
• 60-90 days between age 50-60 

Ideally, you want to keep your Skin Cycle game on point by pushing new skin to the surface for radiant and healthy skin quickly but sometimes this can cause ‘Purging’.
Purging is basically your skin trying to detox quite quickly which can result in breakouts as it is trying to get all the gunk out of your skin. This can appear due to Facial Exercises and Massages as lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are enhanced as well as with the use of chemical peels.

Don’t rush your Skin Cycle

If you want to see quick results with any skincare or a new regime, you won’t be reaping the benefits until you have allowed your skin to actually adjust to new skincare or procedures. If you introduce new skincare or treatments, nothing will happen or improve immediately. It will usually take about 1-3 Skin Cycles to show results. This depends, of course, on how long your skin cycle is approximately and the newly introduced product or treatment. For retinoids it can take 3-6 months to see a real change in skin quality, so – easy does it!

Combine Facial Exercises & Massages with your Skincare

Cosmetic procedures have a positive impact on deep wrinkles, sagging, volume loss etc. but they do not address the global quality of the skin. Even lasers, micro-needling and other more invasive treatments encourage collagen production BUT what maintains your skin is your own skincare. That’s why it is super important to keep the blood circulation going with Facial Exercises. Lymphatic Drainage will be kept active with the help of Facial Massages. This way you will be able to maintain healthy, beautiful skin for longer and have your skincare work better.

Pushing your Skin Cycle further

Next to Facial Exercises & Massages, you can of course introduce active ingredients to push your Skin Cell turnover. These are of course to be used with caution & only a hint on what can be beneficial for your skin. This however won’t replace a personal consultation with your dermatologist or aesthetician.

• AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.)
• BHAs (salicylic acid)
• Retinoids (retinol, tretinoin, etc.)
• Bakuchiol

Patience will get you a far

Maintaining an approximate 28-day Skin Cycle through a healthy lifestyle and a regular skincare regime is great. It can address skin concerns and prevent premature ageing due to proper exfoliation and hydration. That being said it is best to be patient with new skincare & newly introduced routines and respect these cycles. This will allow you to see proper results over time as it is super important to understand:
You will have your skin for all your life, so give it a hand and some time to adjust.

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