How Antioxidants Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Antioxidants can have a massive impact on protecting you internally and externally which will also help to maintain healthy beautiful skin. They will help to avoid all the negative effects on your skin that are caused by pollution. Air pollution, for example, can cause inflammation and irritation in the skin, leading to conditions like eczema and rosacea.

How Pollution impacts your skin

The tiny particles in pollution can penetrate your skin, causing damage to cells and leading to wrinkles and other signs of ageing. They break down the precious collagen which keeps your skin plump and radiant. Additionally, pollution can cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots, making your skin appear uneven and dull. Long-term exposure to pollution can also increase the risk of skin cancer. It’s important to protect your skin from pollution by using products that are filled with antioxidants and by cleansing your skin regularly. This is especially crucial when out and about for a longer time in more dense city centres.

Antioxidants for the win

Antioxidants are naturally occurring molecules that can neutralize harmful free radicals, which can damage your skin. Pollution, UV radiation, and other environmental stressors can produce free radicals that can, as previously mentioned, lead your skin to premature ageing, discolouration, and inflammation. Antioxidants can protect your skin from these negative effects by neutralizing free radicals before they can cause damage. So how can you incorporate these into your lifestyle?
Antioxidants can be applied topically in the form of serums, creams, and masks, or can be consumed in the form of supplements or with meals that are high in antioxidants.

Skincare Ingredients that are rich in Antioxidants

Foods that are rich in Antioxidants

To incorporate antioxidants into your skincare routine, you can apply serums that include these active ingredients prior to your moisturiser. Additionally, using a face mist or hydrating spray throughout the day can help to refresh and nourish your skin. This can also help to provide a barrier against pollutants. It’s also important to remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly at night to remove any accumulated pollution and impurities from your skin.

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