How to improve your Double Chin at home!


Often times we want to remove the fat that causes our Double Chin, but it’s not necessarily fat. In most cases, it’s Access Lymph Fluid.

There are countless procedures out that claim to remove a Double Chin or at least improve its appearance in an instant. If it would be that easy, NOBODY would have one.
We gathered some tips that Face Yoga has to offer which can help You improve Your Double Chin in a more sustainable way, simple and easy at home, without the additional bank breaking product or procedures.

All it takes is what you already have: Your Hands.
These course members were able to achieve this with the daily program.

How to start improving Your Double Chin

First of all, You don’t need to book an appointment at a clinic and get under the knife or have any other severe procedures done. If that’s Your gig, then we obviously won’t stop You but instead, want to show You a more sustainable alternative before You take more serious measures.
At All You Can Face You will understand Lymphatic Drainage and all its benefits based on Face Yoga. This will give You a better picture to understand what is actually possible to improve. It’s not only Your beauty and well-being but also Your health as Lymphatic Drainage is a vital process of Your body to detoxify & clarify. This will also reflect in Your skin and translate as a radiant healthy glow.

You will quickly understand that fat might not (solely) be the reason that causes your Double Chin.
Access Lymph Fluid can result in a more undefined and droopy neck & jawline. It can even be the cause of puffy eyes and ankles. You might simply understand this as water retention and now we want to show You how you can improve this on a regular basis as Lymph Fluid isn’t moving unless You are moving.

What You need

  • a mirror
  • a freshly cleansed & moisturised face
  • preferably a facial oil (if not at hand a slippery moisturiser will do)
  • and last but not least All You Can Face

How it’s done

The answer is simple: Facial Massages & Exercises putting Massages to the front as this can also have an immediate effect on Your Lymphatic Drainage.
You want to apply Your facial oil (if not slippery moisturiser) onto Your hands and warm it up between Your fingertips. Makes for a more emollient product and Your skin will be able to absorb the product better.
You start to massage Your muscle and fat tissue as shown in the video. Muscle and fat tissue in bold as this is what You want to feel while massaging Your face. You don’t want to massage Your skin but what’s beneath. Having this in mind You will immediately feel a difference in the way You will press onto Your skin.

To further tighten Your neck and jawline it is then also very important to strengthen the area with Facial Exercises. Massages only remove access Lymph Fluid but won’t be able to strengthen as they do the opposite: Relaxing Your muscles.
So go & check out the program at All You Can Face as we have everything combined for You in daily new sequences to easily follow along.

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